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Located in Elora, Ontario, Deboer’s Farriery proudly serves Centre Wellington and surrounding areas.  It is owned and operated by Ashleigh DeBoer.

Ashleigh has been exposed to farriery since the age of 16, after having witnessed a farrier working on her own horse.  Interested, Ashleigh asked that she might accompany her farrier to work for a day to get a feel for the trade and to determine whether it might be a suitable career choice.  In September of 2005, Ashleigh enrolled in the farriery program at The Canadian Horseshoeing School.  After graduation, she complimented her education with a 3-year apprenticeship with a local farrier who specialized in gaited horses.  Early in her career, Ashleigh became driven to properly diagnose and treat some of the more unique and challenging ailments that horses can suffer from.

In 2007, she officially registered her business in Ontario and began building a clientele of her own whilst continuing her apprenticeship.  Her services include shoeing and trimming of all breeds of horses as well as the occasional donkey or mule.


DeBoer's Farriery will provide shoeing and trimming services for all breeds of horses.  Significant efforts are made to ensure that all work performed will help each horse to perform as nature intended.  Unusual cases that require extensive remediation are also of interest to DeBoer’s Farriery.

All horses are expected to be well mannered and it is left to the responsibility of the owner to reprimand the animal as needed.  Those that are new to owning and caring for a horse, Ashleigh is willing to work with the owners to wean the animal of potentially poor behavior, however, it is expected that the owner will seek proper training for the horse in between farrier visits.

Irregular or improper foot care and maintenance is often the catalyst in the cause of numerous undesirable equine health problems.  DeBoer’s Farriery believes in the importance of regular hoof care as a means of promoting good health and happiness for any animal.  Remember, a healthy horse is a happy horse!



Serving, Guelph, Kitchener,Waterloo, Arthur and Wellington County areas

DeBoer's Farriery is now accepting CREDIT CARDS as a method of payment. Cheques and cash are also accepted. Receipts are available.